Taking Back Our City, and So Much More…..

Over the past year, we’ve been busy collecting Bad Encounters from all across the city. Recording institutional violence, and giving youth an opportunity to speak out, against these helping systems that don’t seem to be reaching our community. To date we have collected 132 plus Bad Encounters, we are still trying to collect more, but we are at that point in our data where we are culling and coding in hopes of finding a target, for our Street Youth in Motion Taskforce. Pushing our Street Youth Rise Up Campaign’s goal to change the way Chicago sees and treats its Homeless, Homefree, and Street-based youth for doing what they have to do to survive.

Yes it is that time, our Taskforce is moving forward!!! Our next meeting September 16th at the BYC will be the last opportunity for us to both come together before we march through our streets, and make some noise for the whole city to hear. We are coming together to publicly release our Street Youth Bill of Rights, and to get our campaign going and we’re getting everybody involved. We ask that if you wish to be a part of this planning process, that you be 25 years of age and younger, or bring a youth with you. Food and bus fare will be provided. Our time now, we have a location and a date and all we need is you and the streets!!!!! That’s RIGHT people!!!  It’s time for Chicago’s Street Youth to RISE Up!!!!!  September 30th is the date and Alternative’s Inc. is the place we will be holding our speak out, located on 4730 North Sheridan Road Chicago, IL. We are going to let the whole city know we are ready for some accountability, and ready to receive the rights to our basic survival needs!!!!!. We are so lucky to have such a great host for our speak out, and a great way for us to come together, after we take back our streets and MARCH for our rights!!!!! Stay tuned more details to come soon, Meeting place for the march will be posted shortly. It’s time for us to make our city listen to us, about our right to survive!!!! This will definitely be one for the books. Please come out and support we look forward to seeing you all there.