Dominique McKinney
Dominique has been a part of YWEP for the last seven years. She is a 24  year old African American mother from Chicago. She got involved in YWEP when she was 14 as a member and was first hired in 2006. She has been the Girls in Charge Leader, the Social Justice Coordinator and is now responsible for leadership development  and the direction of our first city wide Campaign. What makes Dominique so unique is her resilient ways of fighting for justice for youth rights and reproductive rights for women involved in the sex trade and street economy. In January 2010, Dominique become one of the first members to become the Co Director of YWEP.

Daphnie Williams
Administrative Coordinator

Naima Paz
Research & Syringe Exchange Coordinator Contact
Naima has been a member of YWEP since she was 14 years old. After participating in Girls In Charge and becoming an outreach worker, Naima became our research intern and worked on our first research project entitled, Girls Do What They Have To Do To Survive. After creating the tool kit, Naima took on organizing the syringe exchange. Naima is a harm reductionist and Latina queer activist and artist.

C. Angel Torres
Movement Building Coordinator
Angel has been a member of YWEP since 2008 and has been a dedicated activist for the rights of queer homeless youth since she was 13 years old. Now 20 years old, Angel is YWEP’s first movement building leader. Her role is to build YWEP’s membership and local and national ally base. Angel is an animal lover and passionate speaker and has devoted themselves to the fight for social justice. Angel is a mixed race queer person of color who identifies as two-spirit and genderqueer.

Stephany Cannon
Outreach Leader Coordinator
Stephany has been involved in YWEP for the last six years because she was a volunteer at YWEP for four years and an intern for one year before she became a part of the staff. Now Stephany is a weekly salaried staff person overseeing our outreach which reaches over 500 girls per year. She is a 20 year old harm reductionist. Stephany is dedicated to fighting for the rights of all youth impacted by the street economy and sex trade.

Adult Allies
Shira Hassan Fund Development & Mentorship Ally

Tanuja Jaggernauth, Board Certified Acupuncturist/Herbalist-Healing & Reproductive Justice Ally

Stacy Erenberg, ABT-Campaign Development & Administrative Ally

Cindy Ibarra -Chicago Street Youth in Motion Task Force Ally

Imi Rashid, CPA- Booking Keeping & Accounting Ally