Exciting NEWS!!!!

We have been busy redesigning our website, over the past few months. We are now Live!! You see the amazing design Susanna Kim has come up with us!  It will be much easier to access and viewable for everyone.

Our Research Coordinator Naima Paz, has been busy working on our needle exchange thinking of how we can better meet the needs of our constituency. So she has decided to lead a new research project specifically around Needle Exchange to identify the best practices and barriers for working with young people involved in the syringe exchanges towards the goal of helping more young people access adult operated exchanges and equipping young people with information to start their own youth run exchanges in other cities. So during this process we need your help spread the word!! We are trying to reach as many needle exchanges across the country as possible. Whether youth-led, youth program, or all adult we need your help, if you are a part of a needle exchange please email Naima Paz at naima@youarepriceless.org.

So the Allied Media Conference has come and gone were you there? Well I’m sure you know it’s always a weekend to remember. But did ya know? We released our awesome campaign CD there. Named Street Youth in M.o.t.i.o.n., Moving on The Institution of our Needs, created by our staff and membership. Promise this is one you want in your collection. Be sure to pick up your copy!!! We also held an amazing workshop. Called Street Youth Rise Up! Collective Media for Healing & Action!! This will break down all the campaign work we’ve been doing this past year, and what we’ve learned. As well as passing it along, we brought our attendee’s into the work, and gave them the opportunity to apply to their own work. From learning acu-pressure to brainstorming tracks around their passions this will definitely one for the books.

I would also like to take a moment out to thank, all of our allies, friends, and monthly sustainers. We could not be lucky enough to be doing this work if it wasn’t for you!!! I’d like to remind you though, we are still in the process of trying to build our independent base through our friends of YWEP monthly sustainers program we are asking folks to give $5 dollars, or whatever you can afford a month, to help us keep afloat in these tough economic times, I’m sure your aware fundraising is hard, but with you behind us, we can continue to push forth, and reach hundreds of girls through our outreach. You have no idea how much this means to us. So in gratitude for signing up to be a monthly sustainer we will send you our new Christie Road Campaign poster, and some Friends of YWEP buttons!!! If you can give more than $5 a month we will send you our exclusive limited edition silk screen campaign poster, few are even aware of its existence!!

And Speaking of Allies, our Ally wall is complete!!! The purpose of this wall is to remind us in our everyday that we do not stand alone in this work. We are asking folks to mail us a postcard either of your org, or you individually with a few inspiring words, so we can remember all of you standing in solidarity with us. To acquire the address to send the postcards to or any further questions about regarding the wall, please email me at angel@youarepriceless.org.