At Last– The YWEP Audio Documentary

Thanks to the work of SoMove.Org and the incredible Blake Nemec who recorded us and worked on this project for close to two years. This documentary is about how we closed our non-profit, how we worked together to heal and talks about the political forces at work that made it difficult for us to continue on as a non-profit. Its so moving to here all the voices of young people, former adult allies and community members talking about how YWEP touched their lives.

Wondering if YWEP is still working? We are! Street Youth Rise Up– our citywide organizing campaign to change the way Chicago sees and treats homeless, home-free and street based youth who do what they have to do to survive— is meeting regularly, attending conferences, doing healing in action stations and taking part in protests throughout the city.

Our incredible research reports, Girls Do What They Have To Do To Survive and our Bad Encounter Line Report, continue to make history. Both reports have been sent to the United Nations, quoted in the New York Times and have been used by other researchers to show how young people are systematically denied help from services based on our experience in the sex trade. We also know that our Bad Encounter Line inspired a hotline in Portland, Ore and another research tool in Chicago that is tracking young people’s experience with policing. Check out We Charge Genocide to see how some of our work is living on.

Grab a box of tissues and listen to this amazing audio story here: YWEP Still Works